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Wet Shaving Starter Kit
Wet Shaving Starter Kit

Wet Shaving Starter Kit

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Rockwell R1 Safety Razor
Barrister and Mann Cheshire Shaving Soap
Boar Bristle Omega 10065 Shaving Brush
Sample Pack of 25 Razor Blades

This kit is for both men and women and works great as a gift for your friends and loved ones!

We know wet shaving can be overwhelming in the beginning, so we’ve put together a kit to help you get started. This is the kit we wish existed when we started wet shaving! 

Benefits of shaving with a safety razor

- Frugal: A year’s worth of blades can cost as little as $5
- Eco Friendly: A safety razor lasts forever and blades are recyclable
- Pain Free: No more nicks or razor burn
- Enjoyable: Shaving turns from a chore into a luxury

About the kit

The Rockwell R1 is a mild safety razor that is great for those just starting out. The R1 comes with 5 Rockwell razor blades and we’ve included a 20 blade sample pack of 10 different razor blade brands. The blade makes a big difference in the quality of your shave!

Getting a good lather is the most important part of the shave so we made sure to include a top of the line shaving soap. Barrister and Mann’s Cheshire is very easy to lather so is perfect for beginners– and you’ll love the smell, an amazing recreation of earl grey tea. 

We've included the Omega 10065 boar brush in the kit, a fantastic brush to give you the full experience, and at a great price.

Optionally, you can get an aftershave splash which we highly recommend! It soothes irritated skin, acts as an antiseptic, and keeps you smelling fresh all day– no shave is complete without it. The option in the kit is Barrister and Mann’s Cheshire aftershave to match the shaving soap.