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Omega 10065
Omega 10065

Omega 10065 Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

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This boar bristle Omega brush is super smooth and soft, the perfect choice for those who prefer to face lather. The 10065 is currently available in yellow and green with more color options on the way.



The 10065 is a great option for both new and experienced shavers alike. The break in period is fast and the smell (yes, it'll smell at first, but it's worth it!) will dissipate over time with use. Be sure to give it a good wash (or two or three) with your choice of a shaving soap, shampoo, dish soap, or whatever you have that's most powerful. Overall, the Omega 10065 is a fantastic value and you won't be disappointed.

Handle: Plastic

Knot: 24 mm

Loft: 45 mm

Height: 108 mm



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