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About Us

We’re two buddies from Philly named Jake and Andrew who bonded through a love of shaving, technology, and entrepreneurship back in college. It was only natural that we would end up starting an ecommerce shaving business together!

Our favorite part of wet shaving has always been trying new soap scents, so we set out to make sampling soaps a fun and affordable experience. Based on your requests, we will continue to get new soaps that you want to try often!

Outside of business, we are both musicians and music lovers– Andrew, a Jazz obsessed guitarist and Jake, a drummer into underground hiphop. Andrew enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, reading Lord of the Rings, and building things with his hands. Jake likes watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, reading philosophy, and cycling in the city.

We are available by email at and phone at (484) 604-9235 if you want to say hi! We are also on Instagram, a great way to share your love for shaving with us and the wet shaving community!