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Merkur 37C
Merkur 37C

Safety Razors

Merkur 37C


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This razor has a simple 2-piece design with an attached short, thick, grippy handle. The short handle offers you extra control as you use this more aggressive razor on more sensitive parts of the face. However, the closed comb design provides you with some added protection from the blade just in case you mess up while shaving.

Type: Double Edge Safety Razor
Style: 2-Piece
Aggressiveness: Moderate
Comb Type: Closed Comb
Head Type: Slant Bar
Blade Gap: Fixed
Handle Grip: Knurled
Finish: Chrome
Razor Length: 3.28 in
Handle Length: 3.04 in
Handle Diameter: 0.46 in
Weight: 2.79 oz
Made In: Germany



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