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Guide to DE Razor Blade Sampler Packs

At the beginning of your wet shaving journey, you may have googled “What is the best DE blade,” found an economical brand and proceeded to order 100 of those in bulk.

Well, that’s what I did. I was shaving with those blades for over a year until a buddy gifted me a blade sample pack.

That is when I realized, my blade was what was holding me back from getting my ideal shave.

Finding the Right Blade for You

I never really put much thought into which blade I shaved with. How much of a difference could the blade really make? Isn’t prep and technique more important?

Well, I learned the blade choice can make all the difference. The blade is the very last piece of the puzzle when figuring out the perfect shave and it must be carefully selected to match your specific facial properties, shaving gear, and technique.

Due to how many variables there are when shaving such as skin sensitivity, coarseness of facial hair, aggressiveness of the safety razor, shaving technique, shaving soap used, and more, the performance of your razor blade is a result of your unique shave. No one can recommend you the perfect blade. Only you can determine the right blade through trial and error.

Also, if you change any of these variables then that blade may no longer be as effective. Therefore, not only is a blade’s performance specific to each shaver, it’s specific to each shave.

Why You Need a Blade Sampler Pack

That’s where the blade sampler pack comes in.

While blade samplers are most helpful for experienced shavers who have the rest of their shaving setup already figured out, beginners can also benefit from a sampler.

If you’re a beginner, a blade sampler can help you determine a “good enough” blade before experimenting with technique, prep, and different shaving supplies. Then, after a few months of experimentation, you can revisit the blade sampler to really narrow down the perfect blade.

If you’re an experienced shaver, you will want to revisit the blade sampler often, especially if you change up a vital part of your routine such as your soap or razor. But remember, it’s only a necessity if you feel your shave still has room for improvement.

How to Use a Blade Sampler Pack

Before you begin using your blade sampler pack, make sure you are shaving with good technique, prep, and a quality shaving soap.

For best results when using a blade sampler, try to keep variables constant: shave with the same razor, technique, and prep for each blade. Be sure that whatever pack you get has at least 2 blades for each brand in order to account for any variation in blade quality during manufacturing.

Quick Trial Phase

When you’re ready, pick a brand and start shaving with the first blade. If you get a bad shave, throw out that blade and try again with the second blade from the same brand to be sure it wasn’t defective. If you get another bad shave, then you can safely say that the brand doesn’t work for your shaving setup. Continue to the next brand and repeat.

If you come across one that got good results with the first blade, put it aside and try the second blade to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. If successful again, note the blade and continue with the rest of your pack. You should be able to get through your whole pack fairly quickly.

Shave Tip: We have found that rating them on a scale of 1-10 on our phones or in a notebook can be helpful during this process especially if you don’t shave daily.

If you aren’t able to get a good shave with any of the brands, then make sure that you are using a quality soap and razor.

Extended Trial Phase

When you’re finished with the quick trial phase, it’s best to try out the winners for an extended period of time to really get a feel for their performance. Order a few more of the top brand or two that worked best and continue trying them out for an additional 1 or 2 months.

If it turns out that the blade wasn’t as good as you initially thought, move onto your next top brand. However, if you continue to consistently get good results, then make sure to note the successful shaving setup for future reference.

Since we ship blades fast and free, we’re the perfect solution for both the quick and extended trial phases. When you narrowed down your choices from the initial sampler, you can easily reorder a few more of your top choices to try them out for an extended period of time without having to buy them in bulk.

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