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Eliminate Nicks, Cuts, and Irritation From a Safety Razor

If you recently started wet shaving and can’t seem to avoid nicks/cuts or skin irritation from shaving, then try these tips next time you shave.

1. Take your time with preparation

Shower before you shave to hydrate and soften your facial hair. Get yourself a top performing shaving soap like Barrister and Mann and take the time to really build the lather. The lather should be slick with enough water to fully lubricate your face. If you feel that it’s too dry, continue to add a couple drops of water at a time until you get the right consistency. Good preparation is the key to a great shave.

2. Use a mild razor

It’s likely that you’re using too aggressive of a razor for your skill level and facial hair. Try a mild razor with less blade exposure to achieve a more comfortable, irritation free shave. For best results, pair your mild razor with a sharp blade like a Feather.

3. Don’t shave against the grain

It’s often recommended to do a three pass shave with the grain, across the grain, and then against the grain. But if you’re getting nicks, cuts, or irritation, you should stay far away from shaving against the grain. Try starting out with just one or two passes with the grain. When you master that, you can add passes for across the grain working towards a three pass shave (WTG, XTG, XTG). If you’re unsure of your beard growth pattern, take the time to map it out. Try this interactive tool to help you map it out.

4. Shave with caution

Take your time when shaving, especially the areas where you’re most prone to irritation. Make sure your razor stays at around a 30 degree angle and that you use no added pressure. The weight of your razor should be doing the work.

5. Shave more often

If you shave infrequently, try shaving daily or every other day. It's easier to cut through short stubble rather than a few days to a week's growth. Plus, shaving more often will give you more practice. Just make sure you give your face enough time to heal before your next shave. 

To eliminate nicks, cuts, and irritation when shaving, it’s likely that you’ll have to sacrifice closeness of the shave in exchange for comfort. Walking away pain free is the goal, not getting a baby butt smooth shave. Try these tips, and let us know if you get a better shave!

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